Purchase Flike

The price of a node locked 12 month subscription license is $195.00 (ex GST). Please follow the below listed steps to purchase, install and activate Flike: 



To access the downloads page users will need to register.  Go to the Register tab and fill in the online form.  Remember to save your user name and password somewhere safe.  


Download and Install Flike

Login to Flike via the Downloads page using your user name and password.  Download a copy of the latest Flike release and a copy of the License Agreement. The License agreement must be signed and returned to flike.sales@tuflow.com with your request for a Flike license.

Once the Flike msi file has been downloaded, install the program:

  1. Double click on the Flike msi, an Open File window will appear

    Flike Open FIle Firgure 1

  2. Select Run.

  3. The Flike install window will appear

    Install Window Figure 2

  4. Select Next and read the End-User License Agreement

  5. Select the I accept the terms in the License Agreement check box and then Next.

    Flike Install Figure 3

  6. The Destination Folder window will appear where users can select the install location.  Either select the default install location, C:\TUFLOW Flike  or choose a new location.  Ensure that you take note of where Flike is installed.

    Flike Destination Folder Figure 4

  7. Flike is ready to be installed, select the Install button

    Install Flike Figure 5

  8. Users may see a Open File Security Warning.  Select Run on this warning and Flike will install.

  9. When Flike has installed, select Finish to close the installer window.

At this stage Flike is installed, but it will not run without a license.  To obtain a license users will need to provide flike.sales@tuflow.com with the Host ID of the computer that Flike is installed on and pay the Flike invoice.


Get the Host ID

To get the Host ID users will need to run a utility that was installed with Flike.  Flike will be 'locked' to the machine that the Host ID has been generated for.

  1. Navigate to the Flike install location, the default is C:\TUFLOW Flike.

  2. Double click on rlmhostid.bat. This will open a command window and list the computers Host ID.

    Flike Host ID Figure 6

  3. Make note of the Host ID. Send the ID to flike.support@tuflow.com along with a signed copy of the license agreement. The license agreement is available via the Downloads page.

Note: Licences are locked to the computer that license was generated for. Licences may be transferred by contacting flike.sales@tuflow.com once a year.



We will email you an quote/invoice after receiving the Host ID and license. Payment options include credit card,  electronic funds transfer or bank cheque. Instructions on how to pay for flike will be included in the footer of the quote. Once payment has been received we will email you the license file.


Install the License

Installing the license file is simple. Place a copy of the license file  into the Flike install directory. The default location for this is C:\TUFLOW Flike.

Once the license file has been placed in the Flike install directory, it will be ready to use.  Double click on TuflowFlike.exe in the install directory or the desktop icon to start using Flike.

If you have any difficulties installing Flike please contact flike.support@tuflow.com.